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How does TressAnew hair loss supplement work for women?

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

TressAnew ingredients

Nettle root, which was first brought to the focus of researchers during the bronze age, originally was presented as an herb to improve energy levels. However, further information about this ingredient reveals that the herb can help with the inhibition of 5-AR. When the body is allowed to convert 5-AR, it becomes testosterone in women, which means that it causes hair to naturally deplete.

Nettle root’s inhibition of this enzyme helps the hair to grow faster, using Fo-Ti to help as well. This herb has also been linked to reduced inflammation and the treatment of an enlarged prostate, though some evidence points to better blood sugar management.

Saw palmetto, which has been used by South American tribes, has many different health benefits that can help consumers. Much like the use of nettle root, saw palmetto can be used as a way to inhibit DHT. However, instead of blocking the conversion of one enzyme into another, this substance keeps DHT receptors from binding to the follicles. Without this connection, there’s no way for DHT to negatively impact the growth of hair.

In addition to the benefits to the hair, saw palmetto can promote better urinary function and it can reduce inflammation. More so, it can improve libido and fertility.

Horsetail is no stranger to the use by other cultures either since the herb has been used by the Greco-Romans for health benefits. This substance contains silicon and antioxidants to help the hair to grow stronger and faster. The antioxidants are used to prevent the natural aging of the hair fibers, which means that the hair remains strong and resistant to the changes that occur with age. Silicon, on the other hand, promotes luminosity and creates better thickness.

Horsetail also is used to reduce the risk of edema, kidney and bladder stones, and incontinence. All of these concerns are common in older individuals, which means that they can counteract the changes that come with age. It also can help individuals that struggle with rheumatoid arthritis.

Magnesium is an essential mineral for the body, and it is used in hundreds of different functions. One of those important functions is in the quality of hair. Since calcium can eventually build up in the hair follicles, it is often the mineral to blame for the stunted growth. The residue can cause further damage to the hair follicles, but the inclusion of magnesium helps to clear up these clogged follicles.

Without interruption in the hair follicles, hair can continue to grow freely and effectively. Plus, DHT is also less potent with the presence of extra magnesium, giving it less of an impact on the hair quality of users. With less DHT, the hair is stronger and more youthful.

Biotin is the final ingredient in this blend. As most people know, biotin is a building block of hair, skin, and nails alike. Users need to have enough biotin in their bodies to continue growing hair that is strong, healthy, and thick as it is meant to be. Also known as vitamin B7, users will find that the use of biotin helps to increase the production of keratin, which is what keeps the strands strong and healthy. Furthermore, since it can’t stay stored in the body for very long, this concentrated amount helps greatly with the support for the hair.

Since all of the other ingredients in Tress Anew help to pave the way for natural growth, biotin has nothing to battle against at all. There’s no production of DHT to inhibit growth already, which means that the natural effect of biotin is stronger than ever before.

Along with the benefits that biotin offers the hair, consumers will find that this product reduces inflammation and improves the user’s cognitive function. Furthermore, it reduces high blood sugar and manages the balance of HDL and LDL cholesterol. While the typical biotin that consumers get in their diet is enough to make an impact, an extra boost can take hair to the next level.

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How Does TressAnew Work?

There are several possible reasons why you can suffer from hair loss. It can either be a poor lifestyle, genetics, stress, etc. However, if none of the usual remedies are working out for you, the problem is a little deeper than you may ever expect. Let’s see how.

As mentioned on the official TressAnew website, the female body tends to experience a drop in its estrogen levels. It can either be due to pregnancy, menopause or simply because of the natural aging process. This estrogen decline is inevitable and cannot be avoided at any cost. When the levels of this hormone start declining, the testosterone levels begin to rise simultaneously.

You might be surprised to hear this out but women also tend to have testosterone in their bodies just like men. However, it is present in very little quantities and suppressed by estrogen. But when the latter declines, testosterone gets enough space to up its levels. As increased levels of testosterone start flowing through your body freely, they are acted upon by an enzyme called 5 alpha-reductase or 5-AR.

Yes, women have some testosterone, just like men have some estrogen.

As this happens, testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone or DHT which is the active form of this hormone and almost 10 times stronger. DHT is also a culprit behind excessive hair fall in men, so naturally, it can wreak havoc inside a woman’s body. To control this hormone, TressAnew comes to the rescue.

AS DHT levels keep rising in the body, they act on the hair, making them thin and brittle. With time, their strength gets affected to the point that even the slightest touch can cause breakage and excessive shedding. But how does DHT accomplish it and what can TressAnew do to stop it?

Your hair has small chambers at the very bottom known as hair follicles. These follicles bear receptors that they use to absorb nutrients. These nutrients are then used for nourishing the hair and making them stronger and healthier. When the levels of DHT get out of control, most of this hormone makes its way towards these receptors, gets attached to them, and blocks them.

As a result, the hair is now unable to get the required nutrients it needs to nourish itself so it loses its thickness, gets dull, and undergoes malnutrition. In such circumstances, using any hair serum or multivitamins won’t work as the hair is unable to absorb any of it due to a blockade at its very base.

Using TressAnew pills in such a situation can help as it contains multiple ingredients that work to block the 5-AR enzyme. These have been known as 5-AR inhibitors and have been discussed in detail in the ingredients section. Once these TressAnew ingredients are able to unblock the receptors at hair follicles, the nutrient flow is reestablished and the hair can be healthy once again.

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